Additional Resources

In addition to the Coalition to Save NIH Funding, the following organizations continue to be active in pressing for sustained government investment in biomedical research and funding for the National Institutes for Health.

The Coalition for Health Funding

The Coalition for Health Funding is the oldest and largest nonprofit alliance working to protect public health investments. Since 1970, the Coalition has advocated for increased investment in the NIH, CDC, HRSA, FDA and more.

United for Medical Research

United for Medical Research is a coalition of research institutions, patient/health advocates & private industry, seeking steady increases in long-term funding for the NIH.


Research!America is the nation’s largest not-for-profit public education and advocacy alliance committed to supporting research to improve health a higher national priority. Over the years, Research!America has played an important role in energizing and activating people to take a stand for health research.

Act for NIH

Act for NIH is national, non-partisan effort to restore funding to the NIH to advance life-saving medical research for patients around the world.


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